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Leather Finder will help you make the best returns by making the best possible buying decisions using your computer, tablet or phone. Here you will find easy access to information about all sections of our industry. Sourcing raw materials, finding the material that best matches your application, suppliers, customers, machinery, chemicals and news.

Leather Finder enables customers and manufacturers to see the widest range of production with comprehensive specifications and see real information about capacity worldwide on supplies.

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The leather industry is a global industry in both sales and sourcing. Tanners need to be able to compete not just locally but internationally. All raw materials, both hides and wet blue have specific characteristics in terms of natural grain quality, production quality and suitable application. The key to success is to have all the information about a particular raw material, its most appropriate application as well as its equivalent replacement. With hides being up to 70% of costs of finished leather, poor buying decisions cost real money on rejects. Tanners need to be very confident in their suppliers and in their own purchasing decisions.

Leather Finder provides the information that makes that confidence possible.

"We’ve built LeatherFinder to help all of us in the Leather Industry connect and be well informed so we can make transactions with business partners we can trust. Please sign up today and join us to drive the profitability of your business."
- Yashian Schauble

Backed by Industry Veterans

Mark Domanski

National Beef
"As a hide producer we get thousands of enquiries and it is very difficult to qualify them. Being able to use LeatherFinder to see the background of enquirers is going to save a lot of time and wasted effort. I like talking to people about how we can help them and develop long term supply agreements but I really like to know about who I am talking to first."

Xu Jianxin

Dazhong Leather Company Limited
"When we buy hides, being able to see actual specifications of what suppliers are ordering before we talk to them lets us make buying decisions much quicker. Leather Finder meets a real need."

Maxmilian Mueller

Creative Advisor, DERIFORMM
"Our success is based on quick response to our customers. Being able to see which tanneries are making the specific leather we need for a client will simplify and speed our procurement. We have to make quick decisions and finding qualified suppliers is very important in letting us do that with confidence."